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Hello, friend! I’m Alisha – Wife, Mama, founder of Mind Body Brand, and recovering workaholic.

I have been an entrepreneur in some capacity for the past decade. While that sounds fun, most of those years were spent with me weaving in and out of burnout like it was the norm. It wasn’t until I had my daughter and experienced a rough case of postpartum anxiety, did I realized that I was not only putting my overall well-being last but how I was running my business was no longer sustainable.

After a lot of therapy, healing, and learning how to prioritize myself, I decided to shut down my then-coaching business with no plan in search of something simpler.

Stay with me, I promise there is an upside to this story…

After a lot of rest and clarity, I launched my business, Mind Body Brand, a wellness company that encourages women entrepreneurs to prioritize rest while managing the chaos of life and business.

In a world that is constantly telling us to hustle harder, do more, and be better, my mission is to help women entrepreneurs lean into ease and rest.

So, what about this newsletter?

I’m happy you asked!


Through this weekly newsletter, I share my experience, my strong opinions about entrepreneurship, and advice on how you can avoid making the mistakes that I have made. I also share bits of my life and how I’m building a new business with rest as my top priority…without the woo-woo and the fluff.

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  • My weekly musings on entrepreneurship, rest, and how we can cultivate a life outside of the hustle.

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Writing these newsletters every week takes A LOT of time and work. If you find yourself enjoying these weekly nuggets of wisdom, I invite you to become a paid subscriber. Paid subscribers get access to:

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