Jun 5, 2023Liked by Alisha Robertson

I'm working on mine! It's been a bit rocky lately after losing my mom. I still believe in God but probably in a less traditional Christian way than even before. I trust that what I need will come to me and who knows? Maybe I'll come back to the Bible someday.

Right now I talk to God through tarot cards when I'm called to them, and I want/need to get better at speaking to Him at other times! But it does help to have something guiding you. It does for me at least!

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I'm so sorry for your loss Cierra! Same! it definitely helps a lot! And I think its important for all of us to figure out what that looks like for us!

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Thank you! It's been a wild ride haha. And yes, it's always so nice to constantly have an anchor or SOMETHING to ground you when your world gets flipped around!

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