Um hi it me too!! Therapy has helped, and meds also. I still have mixed feelings about "needing meds" but I can see a difference in my daily (hourly? minute-ly??) ups and downs, and less fog in any capacity definitely has helped me adjust and realize a lot of things that feel urgent, rushed, and exactly as you said - always on edge! For me it feels like part mentality and part mental health, definitely a lot of the things you talked about are common ways for anxiety to manifest (as you know!) but then even when anxiety is being handled or lowered (or whatever) it's almost addicting to be in that hustle-grind-urgent-no-time-like-now brain space, like addicted to the stress almost. In an odd way it's a comforting way to live?! Make that make sense lol. So yes cheers to letting this go, tiny steps at a time.

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